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hello, I'm Mark at Atrium Projects.

Helping Business Grow.

Best of Both Worlds

'Business consulting' is good at process and low risk strategies that sort of do the job, but nobody gets excited.
'Creative consulting' is good at creating the 'wow' effect but often feels risky and disconnected from gritty business reality.

Atrium is unique in how it combines business AND creative consulting to get the 'wow effect' supported by strategic planning that is aligned with achieving business objectives. And we roll our sleeves up for the execution too.

Get the best of creative and business consulting.

2 plus 2 can equal 5

What I Do.


Understand what has been, what's coming and how to spot opportunities.
It's 'insight' not 'research' that sparks ideas that make a difference.


Build the strategy, the service, the products to exploit the opportunities. Hands on 'doing' not just the usual consultant reports that go nowhere.


Make it happen.
Run a project, deliver results - the usual stuff, but we get our hands dirty to ensure success.

Atrium Projects helps businesses grow sales.

This can cover the strategy, developing or tuning products for market, and also bringing them to market.

Mark Batchelor leads Atrium with almost 30 years of experience working with a variety of businesses from the very large to the very small. A Cranfield MBA, qualified in Project Management, Marketing and Industrial(Product) Design, Mark offers a unique approach which combines both business/strategy and creative/brand/design consulting.

Services includes acting as a 'boots on the ground' Agent energising Sales/Distribution partners in different countries.
A currently, major engagement is successfully helping a German Manufacturer grow B2B product sales in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Short and long term projects.

Let's work together !

The financial, strategic and creative benefits have been significant and underline the effectiveness of the approach which combines analysis, creative thinking, business acumen and substantial people skills to deliver the best solutions. The companies effected by the programme are now delivering 40% over target.                

Dr Iglseder

Director, Samas NL

The novel nature of the service and subtle, complex relationships with multiple stakeholders meant the project was very challenging to understand and articulate appropriate positioning. Thoroughly professional, providing essential customer liaison and team management skills, we were delighted with the quality and value for money : an exemplary representative of best practice.                            

Snr Director

Innovations Programme, BT, UK

We have thrown all sorts of projects at mark, and he's handled them all superbly. From strategic planning, to concept design, with award winning results and commercial success. Truly part of our extended team, Mark has the ability to short circuit process and instinctively know what will work.              

Hr Wulff

MD, Sigg, Switzerland

An exceptional talent for technically advanced solutions, Mark is skilled in solving the most complex problems with practical, simple solutions. Working together has always been extremely effective and enjoyable.            

Hr Ruschitzka

Leifheit, Germany

You have understood, redefined and transformed my business. I am hugely impressed by what you have drawn into existence.

Peter Fennah

Career Synergy, (UK)

Mark defined our brand, product and proposition around sustainability software. He completely understood our business and connected our product with customers and even led the software development, designing the product aesthetics and functionality. Mark injected creativity and innovation into our business with smart thinking, pragmatic use of business models and an understanding of the real world - excellent.

Andrew Quinn

MD, Hexagon Digital

Mark's approach is  calm, professional and disciplined, and has always impressed at the highest level. His consistent innovations deliver critical acclaim and commercial success.

Godfried Bayer

Wella AG, Germany

Nissan' s product development team has enjoyed a successful relationship with Mark on projects to understand and target European customers accurately and creatively.

Snr Manager

Nissan Innovations Centre, London


Insight, strategy, delivery, execution (yes, that means not just handing over a report and sending the bill...).


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Many years of experience of combining business acumen with creative instinct and commercial savvy.
And underpinned by some solid institutions which started with a  degree in Industrial Design, but I can't find a logo for that. But here are some others.


I'm based in Hertford, just north of London.
Let's talk and maybe we can work together - just send me an email here